Scrum and Agile have benefits to offer to every business. Given that 66% of employees reported that stress and anxiety impacted their workplace performance, it is of paramount importance to minimize this number, which Agile achieves by breaking complex tasks into smaller ones.

Also, different departments of one company can use Agile to simplify communication between themselves and to remove any obstacles which prevent them from working effectively towards the same goals. Agile methodology and Scrum can be especially effective for marketing and sales teams that work in tech companies. Short answer, Yes, you can be Scrum Master, Product Owner, or member of the Development team even if you are not from an IT background.

Agile Masterclass is for everyone interested in building brand new interesting and well-paid careers. This is a complete roadmap to take beginners all the way from certification to their first job in one of the Scrum roles. One of the reasons why this is so desirable career is because it’s very well paid and interesting. Average Product Owner Salary is $59k — $130k, Average Professional Scrum Master Salary is $58k — $135k, and Average Software Developer Salary $49k — $109k.For more details CLICK HERE

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